Making Nature Easier to Enjoy

For the visitor, the mountains always seem so mysterious and inaccessible. Now the Colchester trails map makes them easier to enjoy and a delightful venture for the entire family -young and old.

Wander through meadows and hillsides, cross a trickling mountain brook, study the rock formations that make the Catskills famous -it’s easy to enjoy and fun to explore.

Whether you walk or ride, pack a lunch, pause to enjoy it all and relax – it’s all here in nature’s wonderland.

Be alert for animal life; deer are plentiful and the wild turkey are abundant. Listen to their calls and learn to identify them. Thrill to the flush of a grouse, to the bark of a coyote; cheer the chipmunk as it comes to challenge your presence. It’s all here – whether it walks, flies of swims, you’ll see it on the Catskill trails.

Town of Colchester

Below is a Town of Colchester Map. You may click here for a printable pdf version of this map.

Bear Spring Mountain Map