To Colchester

Home to Downsville, Corbett, Shinhopple, Horton, and Cooks Falls


In today’s world, everyone needs a vacation . . .

No vacation area fills today’s need better than rural America… and tucked away in the Western Catskills is a priceless pocket of rural America called Colchester – with its historic hamlet of Downsville.

Here in the valley of the East Branch is America the way it used to be, beautiful in all seasons. Peaceful valleys and hidden hollows, rugged mountains, waving fields of corn-indeed a place for renewal. Wildlife is abundant, deer graze in meadows; wild turkeys are plentiful; beaver dam our streams, create fish ponds and challenge man with their skill and determination; quail flush from thickets; coyotes bark at dusk and the fox flaunts his plume as he darts across the road.

Here nature is at its best in rural America, unspoiled and unpretentious, where people are friendly, life is simple and the warm hand of nature cups us in its embrace.

We are unashamedly rural-with all the charm, values, peace and serenity which frame the rural life. In the lush valleys and wooded mountains of the Western Catskills let nature work its own unique therapy.

All this for your enjoyment!